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My name is Mariusz. I have moved on the wheelchair almost whole my life. This place I devote to the short description of my person, my aspirations, hobbies, dreams and daily life.


A little about me …

     I have been born in 1966 year. I have moved on the wheelchair from July 1973 year, it is from the moment when I had an accident. By that reason I have an injury of backbone on the Th8 level and inert legs.
I try to live actively and rather normally. Movement is my favourite action, I used to play basketball on wheelchairs in Warsaw club KSN Start. Now I take part in wheelchair racing, street runs and curling training.
I haven’t got any concret hobby, but different forms of movement are something what I like very much. I have to allude about tourism, it gives me many positive impressions and experiences. I love mountains and nature.

      I am an realist man streaked with romantic. Sometimes I am old-fashioned. I have smaller and bigger dreams, one of they is e.g. flight balloon. My aspiration is purchase of  a used handbike to my wheelchair, like this

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Name of the Foundation:  Fundacja Dzieciom „Zdążyć z Pomocą”
Address:  ul. Łomiańska 5, 01-685 Warszawa

PL 90 2490 0005 0000 4530 9858 4994
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title:  9700 Włodarski Mariusz darowizna na pomoc i ochronę zdrowia


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title:  9700 Włodarski Mariusz darowizna na pomoc i ochronę zdrowia

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Sorry for my mistakes in English 🙂